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First Strike Meters is a American company

Providing professional satellite meters and cable meters to distributors, dealers, installers, operators and resellers since 2005.

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FS1-ProHD is now available!!!

Our FS1-ProHD has more features, more options, color screen, spectrum analyzer and more. 
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Distributors and dealers wanted


First Strike Meters does not allow other companies to use their technology.  If you have been told that meters not labeled as First Strike are the same, it is not true. 

First Strike has never produced the FS1 meters under any other label.  Anyone telling you that they have the same meter under another name is not being honest with you.


There are a few companies selling AC adapters, 12 volt vehicle cords and other items on ebay and Amazon claiming they are made for First Strike meters.  We want to remind you that using accessories other than those provided by First Strike Meters voids your warranty and could permanently damage your battery and/or meter.