L Series Improvements

Authentic First Strike Meters'L' Series is the latest FS1 meter.  The most advanced FS1 that you can buy.  No one else has it because we developed it.  See the difference in the copy meters.

FS1 'L' Series brought many improvements.  The most noticeable to the user is the A. azimuth is now working and uses three digits so it can calculate the azimuth anywhere in the world. 

Other improvements include:
'L' Series Screen Looks Different
L Series Screen Appearance
You will notice the A: (Azimuth) has 3 digits and works anywhere worldwide.

22KHz setting is added
Shows the new addition of 22KHz switching
22KHz control (outlined in red) has been added to the ToolBox Editor.  The meter also saves the setting when manually entered from the keypad now.

These are wonderful improvements that keep our meters out front.  We believe you will not find a better meter in the FS1 price range.

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